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> 2016
Children Age 6-12

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Today there are many fencing clubs who offer fencing classes. Clubs by nature are not designed to teach. It is simply a place for you to practice. Schools are designed to develop children step by step through a dedicated teaching syllabus and a training programme. We are the only fencing school in London with a five level teaching syllabus and a training programme for different age-groups.

The Musketeers Club is The Fencing Academy's premier club for children age 6-12 in the heart of London. Since 1996, The Musketeers Club has produced medalists in every age category and the next generation of National Champions.

If you want to learn a new skill, it is best you start at the right place and learn it well.


> 2013

Gold Medal
Under 14 Boys

Still one year young for his agregroup, fencer Luka Durasinovic won his first Gold medal in the under 14 boys category in one of four ranking events. At the end of the season he took 2nd place in the over all ranking. "014 should see him take first place.

Another Medalist - Girls Team
> 2012

British No.1
Under 12 Boys

Fencer Luka Durasinovic became British number one in the under 12 boys category after four ranking events. This year these events became stronger with more French fencers taking part. Team mate Arthur Platonov-Gardner came in 4th place.

Luka reviving his medal
> 2011
Alex winning his first Gold

British No.1
Under 14 Boys Champion

Alexander Bachelard Bakal, became British number one after winning four sets of medals at the four ranking events in the under 14 boys category.

> 2010
At the Academy Awards Night

British No.1
Under 12 Girls Champion

Our girls have shown their strength. Seville Babaeva became British number one while team mate Camena Foote became ranked number three in the U12 age category. They received just over £127.00 in cash prize for the season.

> 2009
The Young Stars

British No.1
Under 12 Boys Champion

Hector Carse became British ranked number one for the U12 boys while team mate Hugo Di-Francesco made second place in the U14 Boys.

> 2008
The Finals

Three Golds
at The London Championships

Three of our Musketeer girls won Gold at three age categories (U12, U14, U16) to qualify for the National finals 2009.

> 2007
The Winners

at British Nationals U12 Girls

Raelle Francis, wins Bronze at U12 British National Championship finals. To qualify she won Gold in the London Region Qualifiers. Well done for this great result.

> 2006
The Medalists

Winning Silver
at the London Youth Games

Our young team was only a few hits away from claiming gold. They fenced superbly, brushing top teams off with a 45-11 score. They won the semi-finals 45-32.

> 2005
U10 Girls UK Championships

Six Medals
at the London Youth Championships

The young musketeers produced a medal in every age category at the London Youth Championships which qualify them by right to the National Youth Finals in the (12 Girls, U12 Boys, U14 Girls, U16 Boys, U18 Boys). Also in the U10 UK Championships the Musketeers win Gold for the second year running.

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