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Saturday Club (Zorro)

The Zorro Club
The Zorro Club was established in January 2014. The club is set up similar to most fencing clubs as a sparring session (fencing matches) with the addition of lessons for Beginners to Advanced. Like most fencing clubs there is no formal teaching syllabus and simple administration. The head coach is responsible for the running of the session and lessons with supporting assistant coaches.

Miss Rachel Kwok, one of Britain's currently most successful senior fencers is the head of the programme. She has two assistant junior coaches who are also currently successful fencers.

Experienced Fencers
This is the main part of the club with electric fencing (sparring session). Experienced fencers should have 2 years of fencing or more and would preferably have already practised electric fencing, although this is not essential. The electric fencing (sparring session) is recommended for children not younger than 10 years of age. Any child aged 9 or younger, however experienced, should really follow the beginner programme.

Experienced fencers are expected to have their own full fencing kit. There is kit for hire available. If you do not have your own kit, do not go and buy it, wait until you ask the coach to recommend the right kit for you and in most cases your coach can provided you with all the kit you need.

Beginner Fencers
This is either for absolute beginner children, children with less than two years of experience or experienced children aged 9 and younger. In this category children will mostly be having lessons with the coaches and progress gradually until they are ready to join the rest of the experienced fencers. The absolute beginners do not need any fencing kit. As they get more experienced and become intermediate level, they will join group practice sessions. At that level children will need to start getting some of their kit. Children in this category can also sign up to special day camps which will help them progress faster and also get them to practise electric fencing under supervision.

However, absolute beginner children and children under the age of 9 are highly recommended to join our Friday Musketeers Advanced programme. Click on the Friday club for more details.

Club Fees
The fee structure is very simple. You can try the sessions and pay at the door (Guest fee £20) per session. Or you can become a member and pay member fees. Annual Membership is £65. Member rate session fees (club fees) are: £15/ session, £95/ 3 months, £175/ 6 months, £325/ 1 year.

Club Timetable
The club is on Saturdays 10:30am-12:00noon. Experienced fencers should arrive at 10:00am to get ready, get changed and set up. Intermediate fencers should arrive at 10:30am to get changed and get ready. Beginner level fencers should arrive at 11:00am.

Location | W1 GPS |
Click on the venue link for map and directions. The address is International Sturdents House, 229 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PN.

Information Pack & Mailing List
To receive an information pack and to be added to our mailing list for up to date information on programmes and classes email the Academy Office direct: or call: 07779 123 715.

When can I start?
There are no starting dates. You can start at any time. In principle, the club is open every Saturday of the year, January to December. However, attendance will naturally be lower at holiday times. The Head coach may decide to close some sessions if attendance is expected to be low such as the day before Christmas. If you are signed up to the mailing list you will be informed with regular updates.

Can I just turn up?
You can, and it mostly should be ok. But it is always recommended to check in advance. The best way is to sign up to the mailing list, that way you will be informed if beginner sessions are not running or if they are full.




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