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Friday Club (Musketeers Advanced)

The Musketeers Club | Advanced Programme |
Day: Friday Evening
Venue: W1 [SEY]

This is a unique programme for children. A perfect way for children to learn a new skill. The Musketeers Club advanced programme is the only fencing school in the UK designed like the traditional fencing schools with a teaching syllabus and graduation programmes. The club programme comes complete with courses, training camps and competitions. All the children progress to a high level of achievement regardless of their ability at the time of joining. The sessions are divided by age-groups and by level. The club, with an experienced team of coaches, delivers this programme with no extra commitment from parents. You simply drop off your child at sessions and pick them up and then receive a report on their progress at parent meetings.

The Team Manager is in charge of this programme, with regular club colour printed newsletters and termly coach reports. Your child will be taking part in inter club matches, club championships and selected on the team to represent the club at regional and county level for their age-group. Skill building is at the heart of this programme; Physical Body Skills & Fencing Technical Skills. The club is divided into five levels with age-group separation.

Click on any of the age-groups above to read more specifically.

Experienced Fencers
This programme is not suitable for experienced children with more than 1 year of experience. They can join our special Zorro Club programme.

Children with less than 1 year's experience or under the age of 9, can join this programme but must start with the beginner programme.

Beginner Fencers
This programme is ideal for beginner children or children who started their fencing on the Musketeers Programme. The beginner programme is ideal for new children. This is a three month programme including a day camp. The beginner programme is available three terms a year:
> Spring Term: Feb, Mar, Apr
> Summer Term: May, Jun, Jul
> Autumn Term: Sep, Oct, Nov

If the full beginner programme is not suitable, then there are two other choices for new children. The 1 day course (Saturday) or the Novermber half term course (Mon-Fri 2 hours a day).

For more details, dates and fees please check the home page.

Club Timetable
Age 6&7: Friday (5-6pm) Studio 2
Age 8&9: Friday (5-6pm) Studio 2
Age 10-12: Friday (6-7pm) Sports Hall & (7-8pm) Studio 2

Location | W1 [SEY] |
For Map and directions click on the link above. The address: Seymour Leisure Centre, Seymour Place, London W1H 5TJ.

Information Pack & Mailing List
We have both a printed information pack and an electronic version. We also recommend that you register on our mailing list which will keep you up to date with upcoming dates and programmes. We have a lot of good news published regularly.

When can I start?
The club is more like a school. Usual schools only accept new children at the beginning of the acadamic year, here we accept new children at the beginning of each term.

Can I just turn up?
That is not possible. Coaches are all busy and will not be able to take time out of their session to talk to you. All the bookings are made in advance by the Academy Office. No booking or admin is dealt with at the session by any of the coaches. Of course you can drop in and look at the classes in progress from outside the room or from the balcony.

The club has three open days a year. You are very welcome to join us, watch the demonstration, get introduced to our programmes and get the chance to speak to the parents and coaches. You will see the children in action and we would love you to join us for an informal drinks reception at the end of the open day.




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