Academy Clubs For Children

The Zorro Club
Day: Saturday Morning
Venue: W1 [GPS]

The is a typical fencing club with sparring session and lessons for all levels beginner to advanced. However, we highly recommend that beginner children join the Musketeers Advanced programme.


The Musketeers Club |Advanced Programme|
Day: Friday Evening
Venue: W1 [SEY]

This is a unique programme for children. A perfect way for children to learn a new skill. The Musketeers Club advanced programme is the only fencing school in the UK designed like the traditional fencing schools with a teaching syllabus and graduation programmes. The club programme comes complete with courses, training camps and competitions. All the children progress to a high level of achievement regardless of their ability at the time of joining. The sessions are divided by age-groups and by level. The club, with an experienced team of coaches, delivers this programme with no extra commitment from parents. You simply drop off your child at sessions and pick them up and then receive a report on their progress at parent meetings.

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The Musketeers Club |Premier Programme|
Day: Monday Evening
Venue: W1 [GPS]

This is a very special programme under the direction of the fencing Maestro for a small number of children. This has the feel of a one-on-one programme in a small group.





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The Musketeers Club is The Fencing Academy's premier club for children
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