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Musketeers Club Overview

This is the Academy Musketeers Club for children in London. The Musketeers Club is the Academy's premier club for children age 6-12. Here you will find information on classes for children to start fencing and information on club training sessions.

The Musketeers Club is one of the largest clubs for children and is counted amongst the elite clubs in the UK. The club regularly produces medallists, Champions and National winners.

The main aim of the club is to teach children and train them to acquire quality skills. Not just simply play on the bits of talent that children already have. The sessions are no doubt hard work but are also made challenging, achievable and fun.

The club has four levels plus Level 0 which is the foundation level. All levels are taught separately and are well structured. Children get a programme to help them graduate from one level to the next. This will instil a sense of achievement that makes them proud of themselves.

Children can start from the age of six. Girls and Boys have equal opportunities. In fact our girls' squad is currently slightly larger than the boys.

Beginners who are joining us for the first time should be aware that they will not be immediately given swords (foils) and kitted up to hit each other. First they need to build the necessary skills and acquire the required strength and resilience before they can wield the sword (foil). From then after it is full kit on and practice with sword (foil) with electrics in every session.

Real fencing is an intellectual game of skill and patience. Do not expect fast and furious slashing, movie-style classes.



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The Musketeers Club is The Fencing Academy's premier club for children
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