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The Programme (age 13-15)
At this age most children who have already started fencing will be of quite a good standard. Teenagers starting from new will feel left behind with a lot to catch up on and feel the presure to measure up to their peers.

This is why we run a special one year fast track programme to bring them up to speed. We also have a sponsorship package to cover part of their costs for the first year for those who can show determination and commitment.

The programme is divided into four parts. The first part is a weekend course. The following three parts are roughly of four months each of regular club training.

Children of this age come under The Academy's Cadet Club programme for teens age 13-19. For more details check the Cadets Club website:

How to start
You book onto a 3 months course after which you can sign up to the club programme. The beginner course costs £130 for the full three months sessions. All kit will be provided. All you need is trainers, tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt, a jumper and a bottle of water.


Beginner Course (Dates)
Book and pay by phone:07779 123 715, (7 days a week)
Course info
Day / time Friday (6-9 pm)
Duration 3 months course
Venue W1 (Marble Arch) Map
Dates All dates are on the home page

You can now book and pay by phone. We will fill all the forms for you. This is the fastest most secure and the simplest way of booking. Just call: 07779 123 715





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